Comparing Curv Health's Web-Based Platform and Mobile App (for Providers)

Curv Health Team


Curv Health Team


Oct 11, 2023

Comparing Curv Health's Web-Based Platform and Mobile App (for Providers)

Curv Health is at the forefront of equipping healthcare professionals with digital tools to manage and expand their online practice. Our mobile app for providers has already revolutionized the way healthcare is provided, and now we are excited to announce our new web-based platform. But how do they differ?

Mobile App for Providers

Designed for the busy healthcare professional, our mobile app allows you to manage your practice from anywhere. It’s ideal for those constantly on the move, providing everything you need to schedule appointments, track client progress, and communicate securely.

The convenience of the mobile app is one of its main benefits. It enables you to access your practice from your phone or tablet, making it easier to manage your schedule, respond to messages, and update client records while away from your computer.

Web-Based Platform

While the mobile app is ideal for on-the-go management, our new web-based platform is the ultimate tool for running your online practice from a computer. It offers a broader range of features and a more robust interface.

One key difference is the 'Libraries' tab. This feature allows you to assign activities, exercises, and programs to your clients. Curv's library hosts hundreds of exercises, but you can also upload your own. These custom programs are crucial for creating a personal experience for the patient and ensuring care continues between appointments.

Table comparing features of curv health mobile and web apps

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