Curv Health's Exciting Pricing Update

Curv Health Team


Curv Health Team


Oct 11, 2023

Curv Health's Exciting Pricing Update

At Curv Health, our goal is to create the best digital practice management platform for allied health providers. Recognizing the significance of cost-effective solutions in the allied healthcare industry, we're excited to announce a new pricing structure that will be a great benefit to many providers.

Gone are the days of giving up 7% of every transaction on Curv. We've now revamped Curv’s pricing to a flat fee of just $19.99 CAD/month, while ensuring access to Curv’s unique features remains the same. This pricing revision translates to greater value and enhanced financial predictability for providers.

The Outstanding Features of Curv

For a quick refresher, here’s what’s included with Curv at it’s unbeatable price:

  • HIPPA Approved Communication: Engage with your clients through online messaging and video calls, confident that every interaction adheres to health regulations.
  • Exercise Library: Boasting an extensive exercise collection, providers can further upload their personalized exercises, ensuring each patient gets the best care.
  • Custom Programs: Use the simple drag-and-drop tool to customize programs suited to individual client needs. Plus, bundle multiple programs for a comprehensive treatment plan.
  • Client Chart Notes: Maintain clarity with a dedicated, organized section for each patient, always HIPPA-compliant.
  • Automated Admin Tasks: Bid farewell to time-consuming manual tasks. From billing to intake forms, Curv ensures efficient, seamless processes.
  • Calendar & Appointments: Stay on top of your schedule with a calendar that aligns perfectly with Curv bookings.
  • Penalized Booking Page: Showcase your expertise on Curv’s discovery page, allowing potential clients to fully understand your services and book directly.
  • Marketing Tab: Exclusively on the web app, get access to customizable marketing templates and leverage insights from Curv’s expert marketing team.
  • Billing Overview: Stay informed with a detailed tab that offers a bird's-eye view on transaction history and earnings.
  • Computer Vision Technology: Revolutionize your practice with technology that monitors a patient's range of motion, delivering in-depth analytics on their movements.

How the New Pricing Means More Savings

Now, let's discuss the savings. And for this example, we’ll suggest the average physiotherapist charges between $75 to $125 per hour. Under the old pricing system, if you were to charge $100 for an hour’s session, you'd be losing $7 to Curv.

That might not sound like much, but after discussing with a number of our users, that amount started adding up. So that’s how we decided on a model that gave providers much more “cost certainty” when it came to budgeting their digital private practice.

With our new pricing model of just $19.99 CAD/month providers can have numerous sessions without the worry of mounting transaction fees.

How We Stack Up Against The Competition

In today's digital era, allied healthcare providers have a various platforms to choose from when managing their practices online. But how does Curv Health compare to other competitors? Let’s look into the specifics to see how we fare against other platforms:

Jane App:

  • Pricing: Jane App offers their “Base Plan” at $79 CAD/month.
  • Comparison: While Jane App is widely used, its base plan is almost 4x the price of Curv's new monthly plan of $19.99 CAD/month.

Practice Better:

  • Pricing: Their most popular plan, the “Plus Plan”, comes at $89 CAD/month.
  • Comparison: Practice Better’s Plus plan has many features, however, it is significantly more expensive than Curv. With Curv, providers save nearly $70 each month.


  • Pricing: Their “Pro 5” plan is priced at $22 USD/month, allowing users up to five clients. For 200 clients, the cost is $225/month. If you wish to include video calling, there's an additional charge of $7 USD/month.
  • Comparison: Trainerize, while competitively priced, has a number of limitations, including  the number of clients you can work with on certain plans, video calling costing extra, and not being HIPAA compliant.

To sum it up

We hope that this new pricing model exemplifies our dedication to providing exceptional digital management tools for allied health professionals. This strategy not only strengthens the financial predictability for providers but also increases their ability to provide consistent quality care.

Key Takeaways

  1. Curv Health has switched to a more budget-friendly pricing model of $19.99 CAD/month.
  2. Curv’s suite of features, such as HIPPA-approved communication, streamlined administrative work and comprehensive exercise library, remains the same.
  3. The new pricing system provides significant savings for providers, especially those with multiple client sessions per month.
  4. When compared to competitors like Jane App, Practice Better, and Trainerize. Curv offers comprehensive features at a much more attractive price point.

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