Earn Big with Curv Health's New Referral System

Curv Health Team


Curv Health Team


Oct 19, 2023

Earn Big with Curv Health's New Referral System

In the changing world of health and wellness, part of our mission is to help individual allied healthcare provider earn more money. And as part this commitment, we're happy to announce an update to our Curv Health’s referral system.

Say goodbye to the days where you earned a percentage of someone's earnings for referring them to Curv Health. Now, it's simpler and even more rewarding. For every person you refer to Curv Health who signs up for an annual plan, both of you receive a flat rate of $50. That’s right — you and your friend take home cash.

Why the Change?

At Curv Health, we believe simple is better. And with this new system is exactly that. By paying out $50 a head, it's straightforward and guarantees a win-win for both the referrer and the referred.

How Does It Work?

  1. The Link: Every provider who signs up for Curv Health is given a custom referral link (located in the Marketing Tab of the platform). Simply click the share button, and send it around to those who could also benefit from starting their own online private practice with Curv Health's offerings.
  2. The Sign up: Referral payouts depend on if an annual plan is purchased. Once that’s done, you’ll both be eligible for the payout.
  3. The Reward: At the end of every month, Curv Health pays out referral bonuses. So, if you've referred multiple providers in a month, you could be looking at a hefty sum coming your way!

To Recap

Curv Health's updated referral system underscores our dedication to our community of providers. Now, when you refer someone to Curv and they sign up for an annual plan, both of you receive $50. Take advantage of this win-win opportunity and let Curv Health's new referral system work to your advantage!

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