How to Open Your Own Virtual Counseling Private Practice

Curv Health Team


Curv Health Team


Oct 19, 2023

How to Open Your Own Virtual Counseling Private Practice

Going into business for yourself is a significant step in a counselor's career journey. While it comes with its challenges, it also offers numerous opportunities. In this guide we’ll break down how to overcome these challenges and illustrate the opportunities that owning a digital private practice affords.

Step 1: The Legal Side of things

First things first. Even when you use a practice management software like Curv Health to run the day to day of practice, it’s up to you’re legally set up to provide your services. There are a ton of options when it comes to insurance. We recommend reaching out to your association as they may have partnerships set up with certain discounts.

For taxes, you will be able to easily track your earnings if using Curv, which will make tax season a lot easier. We’ll talk about setting your rates a little later in the blog, but you can also consider accounting for the tax rate  into your hourly fees so there aren’t any surprises when tax season rolls around.

Step 2: Choose Your Practice Management Platform

Once your legal ducks are in a row, it’s time to select a practice management platform. It’s important to find one you’re comfortable with, because although you’re qualified as a mental health professional, running a business might be new. And that’s where these platforms can really help.

You’ll want to find a platform that considers everything you need, like:

  • Proper security
  • Video calls & messaging
  • Storage for patient documentation
  • Automated billing and payouts (so you don’t have to worry about that stuff)
  • Tools for avoiding no-shows
  • Marketing support

With Curv Health, all of these boxes get ticked in a platform that makes running a practice easy — even for the less tech-savvy counselors out there.

Step 3: Build Your Online Profile

If you’re running an online practice, you’ll need an online profile, too. Think of this as your digital business card.

For Curv users, be sure to upload a professional image, list your qualifications, and emphasize the specific areas you’re looking to work in. This could be grief, adolescence, relationships, anxiety and depression, etc. All of this will help people find you on the Curv Health marketplace (which you can think of as the Airbnb of healthcare).

Step 4: Set Your Schedule and Rates

The landscape of being an online counselor provides you with the ability to customize your working hours and fees. Embrace this flexibility, but also ensure you research market rates to maintain competitiveness and support your lifestyle / financial goals.

Also, be sure to tailor your working hours to balance professional commitments and personal well-being.

Step 5: Marketing Your Practice & Growing your Client List

If there’s one great thing about an online-based practice — it’s that your reach is truly expanded. This means patients don’t have to be living in the same area as you.

So to get your help market yourself and get your first few clients, there are a few ways this can happen.

  1. From the Curv Health marketplace, clients can book with you directly.
  2. You can share your custom booking page (located in your profile’s “Marketing Tab”) with the world — social, email, etc.
  3. Already have clients lined up? Add them to your client list in Curv and schedule your first appointment.

Step 6: Start Helping Clients

Now that you're insured, have built out your profile on Curv Health, and secured a few appointments, you’re ready to start doing what you do best: helping clients.

We trust that you can take it from here!

Why Counselors Should be Excited For Virtual Care

In essence, establishing an online counseling practice, while requiring dedication, can be really rewarding. And the six steps outlined above should show you that it may be easier to get started than you originally thought!

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